Introducing the Talent Fieldbook series

By far, the most frequent question I receive as a strengths-based coach is, ‘I’ve done StrengthsFinder, now what’. My coaching has been the answer to that question. After coaching over 2000 people (individually and in groups) I am taking the most effective exercises and techniques and putting them into the Talent Fieldbook series. Volume 1 comes with a brief video lesson how to get the most out of the volume. After working through the exercises in Volume 1 you will be able to:

Describe your talents in work language. You will see a direct link between your talents and their potential for productivity. With awareness comes realization and with realization comes application. I am not advertising these volumes because I am in the middle of conducting cutting edge research with continues to build on the most effective exercises I’ve created over 30 years of strengths-based coaching. This is your opportunity to benefit from the primary results and participate in ongoing research if you like. Typically that means you get the benefit of the research discoveries at no cost because you’re participating in the research. You’re the case study others will want to learn from.

All I need to create your personalized Talent Fieldbook volume 1 are your 5 talents.

Reach out to me for payment details. Cost to you is $15.95 for volume 1. The complete series will consist of 10 volumes. If you buy volume 1 and agree to be a research participant, then you will receive the remaining 9 volumes for free as long as you continue to participate in the research.


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